Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A life is a destiny

A destiny is an indvidual

An individual is a change to his/er generation

A generation is a season and a people.

Handle a life properly.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Shame and Laziness

To be succesful you’ ve got to deal with two things.
Laziness and shame.

SHAME - you have got to learn how to start small,
so don’t start to wear the garmentof I-AM-

LAZINESS -when you have grown big and prosperous don’t get fat and dull.
Don't become as passionate as when you started in shame.
By this you will be able to pass your empire to
the next generation.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Be a thorough person. Check people before you commit to them.

Like people around you but focus on your energy, your core, your thing, your call, your perspective.

Always be in the season to mind your business and focus on yourself.

Always make sure you carve out a time for yourself everyday. Make it a time you refuse to share with anybody. A time you have for your actions, your thoughts, your fears and your tears.

A time you talk to yourself-whether aloud or inwardly.

A time you laugh, cry and look at yourself. A time to dig deep within.

Grow in a triangle,

Grow in base

Grow in height

Grow in depth.

Everyone has a measure of control over themselves. It’s called self control.

And remember someone is always around to steal your joy and comfort. If you have made up your mind to enjoy life then you are going to offend some people.

That’s one of the invisible forces of life.

Friday, January 7, 2011



If your patience does not have peace,

you are simply worrying.

A second faster than your destiny can bring you back to ten years of re-learning and foundation laying.

You must wait patiently and confidently.

Choose patience rather than passion .you win wars by staying still. You are going to battles by keeping quiet on your inside, your spirit.

The mountain can be unnecessarily insurmountable and the journey can be long and unfair.

In your patience, never permit carelessness.

You earn it by patience.

The famine has only come to test your ability to endure.

Don’t sell your soul so cheap because of furs, cars, jewelries and bucks. Your soul is worth more than cheapness. it aren’t worth hawking. Be still.

No point being panicky. It’s not moving as planned but it’s moving.

There is power in waiting and patience.

Never try to get things done under the pressure of manipulation.

While you are waiting, don’t be careless.dont be sleepy. Don’t be troubled

Patience is really better than rush.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ten Truths to Tell Her

Ten truths to tell her


Hosea 2; 2b

Tell her to remove the prostitute’s makeup from her face and the clothing that exposes her breast.

Remove>do away.mortify.shun.disrespect.embarass.

Prostitute’s makeup>dirty habits.thrashy ideas. Filthy talks unclean feelings. Foolish actions.thoughthless behaviors.



1 chronicles 7:24

He had a daughter named sheera.she built the towns of lower and upper Beth horaon Uzzen-sheerah.

3 a daughter

a daughter is not a son.

A daughter is a girl.

What are you building? Mopping? Complaining? Crying?

Sheerah lived thousands of years ago.

She built towns not whore houses.

She wasn’t found gossiping around the community

She wasn’t found sleeping with all the guys in the office.

She wasn’t found flipping through glossy magazines and wishing nonsense.

She wasn’t a liability.

She built not destroyed

You still don’t know what to build?

Build your life



Psalms 23:5

You serve me a six course dinner right in front of my enemies.

A six course dinner?

Abundant.overwhelming.unfinishable.extaorinary.will-not-end.unfrgettable meal.

In front.

They are aware.

They can see, feel and even smell this blessing.

Not in their absence.

They are very there.



The conclusion of the matter is don’t worry about your enemies,

Enjoy the meal!


Proverbs 31:27a

She carefully watches…NLT

She keeps an eye on everyone…The Message

She looks well to how things go…Amplified

Be a big time observer.

Retire from being a parrot.

Stop to chatter

Use your eyes.

Reduce your tongue’s function.

We know you know how to talk.

Don’t just talk

Observe quietly

Take in details

Details reveal secrets

Secrets are keys to what you want.


Gen 19:11

Abraham and Sarah were old by this time, very old. Sarah was far past the age for having babies. Sarah laughed within herself, "An old woman like me? Get pregnant? With this old man of a husband?"

Its possible to laugh at yourself in hopelessness.

It’s possible to logically and scientifically come to a conclusion of no solution.

It’s also possible for that thing to happen easily.

Don’t worry about the hows? Whens? Whys? Whats? And where’s?

It’s possible! It can!


Ex 2:7

Then his sister was before her: "Do you want me to go and get a nursing mother from the Hebrews so she can nurse the baby for you?

Even in the enemy’s camp you have the ability to negotiate. an open mouth is an open door. Negotiate anything with anybody even if it’s your enemy.

An enemy is a challenge

Every challenge is negotiable.

The challenge could be a sickness, mentality, bad habit…

It’s all negotiable


John 8:4, 7

‘Teacher’, they said to Jesus…

They kept demanding an answer.

Be careful how you judge?

Be wary of how you measure out

Be watchful of what you dish out.

The table could turn around, you could become the culprit.

And you are going to be really embarrassed.

If you are going to be a whistle blower

Check yourself; sweep your house, air your damp clothes.

Don’t hasten to put another to shame except you are blameless.


2 kings 9:30.

When Jezebel, the queen, heard that Jehu had come…she painted her eyelids and fixed her hair and sat at the window.

Jezebel was wrong this time.Jehu killed her.

Don’t deal with every situation the same way. Some challenges and emergencies need more than physical re-packaging. Take root inside to fight what is inside. Many are like Jezebel when a situation has gone crazy, when there is fire in the well, they run to the spa houses, theaters, movies, food and clothes. They run to the cosmetic houses. Instead seek deliverance and inner stability.


Rev 12:2

She was pregnant and she cried out because of her labor pains and the agony of giving birth.

Every labor is painful

Every birth is heart wrenching

Every new thing is body tasking.

As long as that THING is going to come out of you with the intention that it’s going to bless humanity. It’s going to be painful.


Eccl 5:7

Talk is cheap…

Action is better.

Do more.

Think first

Talk is good but does it really achieve?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Star Woman

I am not a product
Of my skin
I’m not equivalent
To my size
I’m not qualified
because of my strength
I’m not capable
cos of my fame
I’m not special
cos of my background
I am me
I am my mindset
I am my beliefs
I am my habits
I am my choices.
Exceptional Woman

She’s beyond words
She’s the unknown giant
She makes marks
She is a way
She is an anchor
She is a force
She is a mind
She is different
She’s an exceptional woman
Star Helper
She walked
She saw
Saw tears
Felt sorrow
She helped and left
But she returned…
Knowing a help was not enough
She gave herself
To a course-beyond expression
To be a path, a light
And a touch
She stayed
She taught
She freed them
They became confident
For they too
Can offer their lives
They stepped out
And became conquerors
They smiled
she waved
she is a star helper.

You will still laugh

You will still laugh

Never mind the troubles

Don’t settle with the stress

Relax within yourself

You will soon laugh.

Troubles aren’t forever

Pain is not your birthmark

Tears are not your portion

Be ready to laugh

Not carelessly

Not a half measured laugh

Not a lonely laugh

Not a laugh of/unto madness

It’s a laugh of joy

With destiny.

Be ready

Be set

Because you are laughing



Destiny isn’t a marketplace

Where you go shopping or

Doing what you like. You are not into destiny, destiny is into you. Don’t go feeling cool thinking you are doing destiny a favor by hanging around with her. You better be glad cos you’ve got a destiny that is livable and lively with a purpose.

Destiny isn’t a school

Where you get to pick the

Course you want to take and the subject you don’t want. With destiny all courses are relevant, important and life saving. The courses might not look attractive. That’s not destiny’s business. She is not into attraction or flashy lifestyles. She is so down to earth; she has become an immovable rock. You’ve got to do all courses!

Destiny is not a group.

She is one. doing her thing. enjoying her believes

You move with the crowd, you end like the rest. Destiny did not call you with the others. Only you have been chosen for this race and only you got to run it. Whether you get encouragement or insults, you‘ve got to run and run with clarity, clearheadedness and too much tenacity. It’s not a crowd business. Or a crowd confirmatory class. It’s a one man, one life, and one result project.